A Silent Word
Charles Al. Picasso
  • 01 - Sgr A*
  • 02 - Continuity Fields
  • 03 - Moln/Dimma
  • 04 - 7/4
  • 05 - A Silent Word

A Silent Word is an Extended Play (EP) album of 5 audio instrumental tracks with a small collection of naive surrealist drawings. This album counterpoints the work started after the Frontier album and, nurturing further a straight, more intimate work with a repetitive electronic approaches, it steps away from the digital realm to favor raw and minimal processes sonically and visually.

The album found its inspiration in “unconscious patterns”: the fact that we are driven by repetitions, and the strong hidden desire lying in each one of those. A promess to resolve what cannot be...
The making of this album was an attempt to transform this hidden desire, oscillating between hunger, destruction, imagination and hope. Made of slowly evolving pieces, the flow seems steady and yet not completely the same, with a sense of unachievement, uncompleteness, which build this raw, minimalistic experience.

Sgr A* is the opening track, named after the supermassive black hole, near the border of the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. It is conceived as a “distorded journey”, depicting this sensation of floatation when your own landscape starts slowly to drift. The vision begins to blur as the mind goes out of balance.

Continuity Fields is a minimal electronic track, picturing layers of heights, the raise of internal mountains, hiding the chaotic reality underneath. It is named after the neural and psychological mechanism that aims to give us a stable visual experience but projects us always in the past. The main riff also gives a continuous sensation that you stumble, yet repeteadly on the same concrete surface.

Moln/Dimma is a generative ambient piece conveying a contemplative feeling. the desire to rest in an organic narration mimicked by electronics, natural textures made of electrical currents, like the simulation you push yourself to when you consciously dream, as an undisruptible altered consciousness stream.

7/4 is a monody, praise of a religious simplicity, a stripped line played by two electronic instruments. The rhythm of the repetitive and uneven melodic motif evolves by minor modification of the timbre, a way through denudation.

Finally, the eponym track, A Silent Word, closes the album. “Dédié à la beauté fragile d’une étoile Sagittaire”. this title is an intimate statement, longing for hope from the state of melancholia. It also refers to the 17th arcana, and to André Breton’s book, “Arcane 17”. The album’s cover directly refer to it, depicting a kind of Melusine, half women - half dragon. This image conveys an archetype of the subconscious as a monstruous mystery whose true nature remains hidden to our eyes, blinded by our fascination.