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"Beneath" is about reminiscences, which are pictured as patterns, forms and shapes. This audiovisual piece was an attempt to show memories that we remember like bubbles resurfacing, like echoes. This short audiovisual clip was extracted from "Beneath (Lie Her Echoes)", a former collaboration between Nicolas Bernhardt & Charles Al. Picasso. This version uses a different score.


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TouchDesigner was used all the way to create the visuals.
Most of the work is done with glsl shaders.
A first shader builds a geometry, so the growing shape is really projected in a 3D space, it is not a flat 2D shape.

Then another shader is responsible to render it, adapt first the point size according to the distance from the center, and also the colours as it grows.

We also used Blender to create the voronoï sphere, exported it as an Alembic file, reimported it in TD and rendered using the same color scheme and particle glsl code.
At the end, in order to animate the parameters, we used the internal automation object in TouchDesigner and the movie exporter.


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