Charles Al. Picasso Lab & Code & Musings section

Simulacre is a Javascript code wich acts as a semi autonomous audio piece. It uses binaural technology (Google Resonance SDK) and P5js for drawing. It was my first musing with binaural on the web to test it. Eventually it became a small piece on its own, a little playground.

This code demo shows how to use fBm (fractional brownian motion) fed by noise variations as height displacement to create 'infinite' procedural landscapes. The code here is a simple geometry displacement which does not use the GPU to compute the displacement - numerous great examples are available on shadertoy for a GPU version -. Also No lights also involved here so no normals recalculation.

The javascript source code uses Three.js library and custom code to create a fBm based on Ken Musgrave works and code (see Texturing and Modeling: A Procedural Approach).

It was a preliminary work for my Borders video using generative landscapes.

A simple JS script to show how to perform a 2D K-means clustering on a mutable set of points.

This TouchDesigner project shows how to apply an fBm displacement using shaders. The shader uses the technique shown by Matthew Ragan to calculate the TBM matrix. It is easier now to directly calculate it using the "Create Attribute" SOP > Activate Tangent Calculation (not shown in this project). The fBm code is a vanilla code translation from Ken Musgrave fBm code (Texturing and Modeling book)and uses the TDSimplexNoise provided in TouchDesigner.

Project is downloadable here.

Cube TV : A nevrotic retro musing with random Cubes