C. Al. Picasso

Frontier | LP

The Concept

__ Oct. 2019

Frontier is a journey that is played on the edge of the conscious territory, the consciousness borders. Metaphors for exploring my own landscapes, as a topology of consciousness and emotions, as models of reality : abstract, concrete, grotesque, fantasies.

This album was conceived as i decided to detach myself from the landscape i built for the past decade. It led me to an exploration across this border : personal inprints, personal deformations, meditative spaces, erotic fascination, mountains of vulnerability, places of love, memory spaces, pain reformulations… The idea was to change the territory, find a place of immanence, and was an attempt to change my walls of perceptions, find that possibility to cure, betting on the idea that exploring our mind could be the only frontier to reshape.

The Titles

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13 titles were made for this album


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